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Street directory of Germany


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The street directory of Germany contains 8,200 delivery postal codes and 1.2 million street names. Including 14,000 destinations and 75,000 district names for download as CSV (Excel) file, compressed as a ZIP archive. This product includes 1 quarterly update. Last update: 08/31/2019, August 2019.


Street directory of Germany - Database Download (CSV)

The current and comprehensive postal code & street directory of Germany 2019. With the street directory of Germany, you have a total of more than 1.2 million street names. In addition to the streets, you will find more information, such as postal codes, city names and their districts. Data lovers beware: official municipality code (AGS), regional code (ARS), NUTS 3 code and many more details are now included. Further information about the Street directory of Germany (currently in German only).

For questions about the street directory of Germany or downloading the file after the purchase, contact us quickly and easily directly by e-mail:

Why do you need the postal code & street directory of Germany?

Software houses integrate the street directory e.g. in online and offline software and solutions of all kinds, to facilitate the address input by address completion for customers and users.

At the same time, the data can be used to check the plausibility of an address record as soon as it is entered in order to avoid potential incorrect entries. This saves time on database checks and corrections.

Many online users search locally in their district for restaurants and facilities, e.g. "Chinese Restaurant Friedrichstadt". Therefore, the use of districts is essential for online use and local search engine optimization to be found even better.

Over 75,000 different districts are available as additional information to the postcode and street names.

Even business consultants are interested in the street directory of Germany, to check and implement new business models in online businesses.

The street directory of Germany in CSV format is suitable for universal import into all possible databases and can be adapted to your own needs very quickly.

A data record contains the following data fields

The street directory of Germany also contains two Austrian municipalities which are located near the southern German border, since they also have a German postal code. For this reason, the street directory Germany contains three extra columns that refer to the country, to allow clean filtering, if you want to explicitly exclude these places.

Request CSV street test data here »

A full data record contains the following fields:

  • ISO 3166-1, numeric country code (276, 040)
  • ISO 3166-1, ALPHA-2 Code (two-letter country code: DE, AT)
  • Staat (Deutschland; Österreich)
  • Official regional code (ARS) (twelve-digit, should replace the municipality code in the long term)
  • Official municipality code (AGS) (eight-digit, often still in use)
  • EU NUTS 3 Code (European territorial division of Germany with 402 regions)
  • ISO 3166-2, Coding of state subunits (e.g. DE-BE for Berlin, DE-HH for Hamburg)
  • State
  • Government district (also the former administrative districts, characterized by "früher:")
  • Region (only relevant for the state of Baden-Wurttemberg, e.g. Bodensee-Oberschwaben)
  • District code (KrS), district type code, district type name, and district name
  • Travel area code
  • Travel area (e.g. Nordsee, Ostsee, Bergisches Land, Eifel, Sauerland)
  • Collective municipality code (nine-digit, for collective municipalities, without the independent municipality code)
  • collective municipality code, collective municipality type and name of the collective municipality
  • Municipality code and municipality type
  • The responsible municipality (name from the municipality directory, Federal Statistical Office)
  • Postal code
  • Place name
  • Additional regional identifier
  • District
  • Street
  • Number range (only if street passes through different districts and/or postal codes)
  • Parity (even/odd for specified number range)
  • Remark (in case of outdated spelling the new street name will be displayed)

The dataset contains all delivery-relevant street data/street names of Germany including the associated postal code (zip code). The street catalog is provided in the Microsoft Excel data format CSV, delimited with the character ";", for easy import of the file and free use in your offline/online systems or software solutions.

50 random lines of test data/excerpt of the street dataset

Please note: The file contains more than 1,048,576 lines, exceeding the limit of Excel 2013/2016. If you want to use Microsoft Excel, you must first divide the file or street records. However, smaller single files, divided by state, are also included.

PostcodePlaceRegional add.DistrictStreetNo.Parity
PostcodePlaceRegional add.DistrictStreetNo.Parity
06116 Halle (Saale) Büschdorf Reideburger Str. 42 - 998 gerade
12351 Berlin Buckow Kohlmeisenweg alle
12487 Berlin KGA Heide am Wasser Brunhildweg alle
12527 Berlin Grünau Laubnitzer Pfad alle
12683 Berlin Biesdorf Arnsberger Str. alle
13467 Berlin Hermsdorf Heidestr. alle
13627 Berlin Kol. Saatwinkler Damm Steinweg alle
21035 Hamburg Allermöhe Werner-Witt-Str. alle
24103 Kiel Vorstadt Asmus-Bremer-Platz alle
30419 Hannover Stöcken Onnengaweg alle
34131 Kassel Hess Bad Wilhelmshöhe Sachsenstr. alle
37085 Göttingen Niedersachs Geismar Trift alle
38114 Braunschweig Braunschweig Reichenbergstr. alle
38118 Braunschweig Braunschweig Münchenstr. 1 - 11 ungerade
39114 Magdeburg Randau-Calenberge Calenberger Dorfstr. alle
40219 Düsseldorf Unterbilk Neckarstr. alle
44265 Dortmund Wellinghofen Hopmanns Mühlenweg alle
45138 Essen Ruhr Huttrop Spichernstr. alle
45279 Essen Ruhr Horst Uhlendahlweg alle
47169 Duisburg Marxloh Ottostr. alle
49090 Osnabrück Pye Am Weingarten alle
50769 Köln Fühlingen Am Kutzpfädchen alle
50996 Köln Rodenkirchen Siegfriedstr. alle
51061 Köln Höhenhaus Im Rottfeld alle
51469 Bergisch Gladbach Gronau Buchholzstr. 1 - 103 ungerade
52066 Aachen Aachen Aussemstr. alle
54294 Trier Weismark-Feyen Rudolf-Oster-Str. alle
58119 Hagen Westf Hohenlimburg Spannstiftstr. alle
60327 Frankfurt am Main Gutleutviertel Bachforellenweg alle
60486 Frankfurt am Main Bockenheim Emser Str. alle
60488 Frankfurt am Main Hausen Praunheimer Landstr. 2 - 80 gerade
64285 Darmstadt Darmstadt Eichbergstr. alle
64297 Darmstadt Eberstadt Schafnußbaumweg alle
65187 Wiesbaden Biebrich Gotenweg alle
65207 Wiesbaden Breckenheim Dachsstr. alle
66127 Saarbrücken Klarenthal Am Aschbacherhof alle
67067 Ludwigshafen am Rhein Rheingönheim Agnes-Miegel-Weg alle
68219 Mannheim Rheinau Weißenseeweg alle
68259 Mannheim Wallstadt Pfeilkrautweg alle
76149 Karlsruhe Baden Neureut Am Pfad alle
81735 München Ramersdorf-Perlach Emdenstr. alle
85053 Ingolstadt Donau Ringsee Spielfeldstr. alle
86163 Augsburg Bay Hochzoll Neuschwansteinstr. alle
89075 Ulm Donau Mitte Wettersteinweg alle
90451 Nürnberg Mittelfr Röthenbach b Schweinau Eibacher Schulstr. alle
91056 Erlangen Dechsendorf Waldseestr. alle
93055 Regensburg Brandlberg-Keilberg Ginsterweg alle
93059 Regensburg Weichs Naabstr. alle
97074 Würzburg Sanderau Randersackerer Str. 72 - 998 gerade
99092 Erfurt Marbach Max-Bromme-Str. alle
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Roads in Germany: further topics

Get information on related topics and active competitors in selling street data for Germany. We do not claim to be the best, but we are always up-to-date and cost-effective.

Visible competitors in the market of street data
  • Deutsche Post Direkt Datafactory Streetcode (about EUR 2,200 per year)
  • Datapuls Streetdata, Straßendaten (about EUR 1,100 per year)
  • Do you know other providers of street data and their prices?

With us, you determine whether you need updates or not. Updates can be booked at any time by purchasing the all-in-one package.

Street directories of federal states for download

Street directory of Germany - FAQ

What is the street directory?

The street directory is a directory of over 1.2 million delivery-relevant street names in Germany. This refers to all roads in Germany where there is a private or business address. Roads of wastelands or hamlets are of course included, since at least one inhabited house can be found. Even streets from industrial areas can be found in the street directory of Germany. However, motorways, country roads, small roads, paths or transitions without residents are not included here.

How is the street directory structured?

In addition to the 1.2 million street names, the street directory of Germany contains 8,200 postal (ZIP) codes and corresponding 14,000 destinations and 75,000 district names. Also included are the 11,800 names of municipalities, districts, administrative districts and federal states with the official keys of the Federal Statistical Office. All data is separated by a delimiter, which can be displayed in columns in a program of your choice. A sample file with a detailed structure is offered for download.

Where can I download the street directory?

You can buy the street directory on these pages at low cost and download it immediately after receipt of payment. We are cheaper than our competitors, even if you book the optional updates. We accept the payment with PayPal, with the benefit of Buyer Protection and immediate download after purchase, but also the payment by bank transfer to our German business account. Depending on the bank, this may take 1-3 business days. For large companies, we also offer the purchase by invoice on request.

Technical information about the street directory

There are few technical details for the street directory Germany. It is a text file in CSV format that can theoretically be opened with any text editing program. The file is suitable for direct import into Microsoft Access and Excel (Power Query), SQL, or other programs that support the CSV format. Windows 1252 (Western European) is used as character encoding based on ISO 8859-1 and ISO 8859-15. The semicolon (;) is used as a delimiter, as well as a text recognition character - also called a string delimiter - double quotes (").

How can I open the street directory?

You can open the street directory of Germany in Access, Excel (Power Query), SQL, Delimit, or other programs that support the CSV format. Although Microsoft Excel offers support for up to 1,048,576 lines in the latest versions, it is not sufficient for the street directory, but you have the option to use extended query (power query) in Excel. Do not worry, we also include the 16 federal states separately, so you can open smaller files if necessary.

What happens when changes are made to the street directory?

Nationwide, there are numerous changes to the street directory per quarter. New roads are added, old streets are renamed or removed. Municipalities are being merged, new postal codes are being created, old postal codes are no longer valid, and much more. It's hard to keep track of these changes yourself, as you're not usually involved with every corner of Germany. It's precisely for these cases that we offer optional, quarterly updates, so you always have access to the most up-to-date data. If you purchase the all-in-one version of the street directory, you will automatically receive an up-to-date directory by e-mail every quarter.

Where does the data for the street directory come from?

Every municipality and every place has a list of all streets. These lists are often left to prospective buyers, including OnPageLeads. In some cases, the street directories must also be ordered for a fee, especially the lists including the house numbers, so-called house number lists. Additional information, such as on how OSM deals with it, can be found in the OpenStreetMap-Wiki (German only).

General information

The street system in Germany

The German street system is divided according to different criteria. In the offered street directory of Germany, however, you will find only the delivery-relevant roads, so only those streets where there is also a home or business address.

  1. Road traffic act
    1. Highway
    2. Dual carriageway
    3. Roads outside built-up areas
    4. Roads within closed villages
    5. Highway-like roads
  2. Road construction carrier
    1. Federal highways
      1. Motorways
      2. Federal roads
    2. State roads / national roads
    3. County roads
    4. Local roads
    5. Other public roads
      1. Field and forest paths

To the article street system in Germany on Wikipedia (German only).

Specific References